Five Required Readings of the Manosphere

Most of the origins of what is now called the Manosphere originated within the confines of one book: The Game.

Neil Strauss’ autobiographical experience of his journey into the Seduction community that had begun in the 80’s with Ross Jefferies and evolved into the trial and error method under Mystery eventually brought the Seduction community into the mainstream, with every man and his dog knowing at least the stereotypical caricature; peacocking Mystery hat, cheesy one liners, etc.

But something that most underestimated was the effect this had on men in general. The Game had evolved from Outer Game, designed to give the illusion of dominant and sexually attractive traits (also known as Alpha Traits) into Inner Game (The integration of those traits into oneself; actually embodying Alpha) and these seduction communities became, in a sense, support groups, dedicated to giving advice to young men trying to learn how to better themselves in their interactions with women.

This then led to the discussion of Inner Game as a behavioural analysis then led to a evolution/off-shoot of the seduction community known as the Red Pill community, focused on the development of masculinity and a deeper understanding of Social interactions in general. While some Red Pillers take this to extremes, there are very good sources of Red Pill knowledge that can help people (and in particular, young men) who want to improve and better understand the social world around them.

These are the books you need to read and why. I’d argue that in any education these books should be considered necessary reading material for social understanding, something which gets conveniently left out of curriculums outside of lunchtime and school dances:

1. The Game

Where it all begins.

Strauss’ autobiographical exploration of the seduction community provides the Game novice with a basic understanding of the origins of the Seduction Community, the terminology they use (which feeds into the Manosphere lingo), and Strauss’ unique style of writing and the story he brings is a wonderful read regardless.

Strauss’ website can be found here;
2.  The Rational Male

Where it leads to.

Based off what is quite possibly the greatest and most intellectually comprehensive blog in the Manosphere, The Rational Male is compiled in of all of Rollo’s insightful and easy to comprehend style, focusing on the key aspects of Alpha, Beta, and the social conventions that cause men to end up in the mess they’re in.

You can find Rollo’s blog at The Rational Male
3. The Black Flag

The Bridge

Another brilliant book based off the now-static blog by Shark, this slightly more Fight Club-esque approach to developing inner Game can be considered a bridge between the PUA culture of early Strauss and the Manosphere of Tomassi. Full of uncompromising wit and interesting perspectives of the social world, Shark’s book is one part Strauss, two parts Tomassi and saturated with dark, dry wit that leaves it in equal standing with the two above.

You can find Shark’s blog at Solve My Girl Problems

4. The Mystery Method

The Origins

Normally I’d advise focusing on Inner Game over Outer Game, but in order to understand the former the latter has to be appreciated, and Strauss’ revolution began under the tutelage of Mystery. His formulaic approach encapsulates the traditional PUA approach to learning the Game and helps to provide the reader with usable knowledge and an understanding of where this all started.

5. The Way of Men

The outsider.

Possibly the best non-Manosphere affiliated introspection on the inner workings of the masculine nature, The Way of Men is particularly apt for those uninterested in the PUA culture and asks the philosophical questions, such as “What is Masculinity?”. The most interesting aspect is that, unlike other books that lament about a crisis, this book gives a proposal on how Men can better connect with their masculine natures instead of surpressing them to appease the world around them.

So that’s the list. Go ahead and enjoy the ride; I promise you won’t regret it.

The links to buying the books off amazon can be found here;
The Game
The Rational Male
The Black Flag
Mystery Method
The Way of Men

As always, take everything with a grain of salt, and an open mind.



Welcome to the blog(man)osphere.


If you’re here, for whatever the reason, you should stay.

Because this post could change your life.

My name is Harkness, and I’ll be guiding you through what will be a learning experience for us both. I’m going to share my experiences in the dating world, as well as the highlights of recent events. Hopefully you’ll like it, and we’ll grow together.

But first, an introduction. I’m a reasonably young man making his way through the world, and on the way I have learnt things. Things that I wish to pass onto you.

I won’t tell you about my first real experience in dating, or the four almost-cliche years that followed, but what happened around the time I turned twenty was something spectacular. As a good friend of mine turned to me and jokingly picked up a book, I began to read it.

That book turned out to be The Game.

More on this later. I’m out.