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Welcome to the blog(man)osphere.


If you’re here, for whatever the reason, you should stay.

Because this post could change your life.

My name is Harkness, and I’ll be guiding you through what will be a learning experience for us both. I’m going to share my experiences in the dating world, as well as the highlights of recent events. Hopefully you’ll like it, and we’ll grow together.

But first, an introduction. I’m a reasonably young man making his way through the world, and on the way I have learnt things. Things that I wish to pass onto you.

I won’t tell you about my first real experience in dating, or the four almost-cliche years that followed, but what happened around the time I turned twenty was something spectacular. As a good friend of mine turned to me and jokingly picked up a book, I began to read it.

That book turned out to be The Game.

More on this later. I’m out.